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Are aliens real?

Are aliens real? Do you believe in UFOs and aliens? Do you think aliens are real? Humans are fascinated by the idea that aliens exist and visit Earth. This very concept is the basis of the modern science fiction genre, from television shows such as "The X-Files" to big-screen productions such as the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises in addition to classic films such as The War of the Worlds (based on the H.G. Wells book).

Rumours of experiments conducted on aliens and their technology have been all over the media for over 70 years. Furthermore, some believe the explosion of technology in the last twenty years is due to reverse engineering the technology of our alien visitors.

Scientists estimate that the Milky Way alone may contain around 300 billion stars, 400 billion planets, and at most 150 billion 'earth-like' planets. The universe is a big place, so it is difficult to imagine that we are alone in the universe. It is probable that there is life out there somewhere, else the universe would be a show put on entirely for our benefit.

If alien life (intelligent or not) were discovered elsewhere in the universe, it would be one of the biggest discoveries in the history of humankind. If we discovered intelligent life, should we attempt contact? Or wait for them to contact us? The day we can confirm that we are not alone will be huge step forward into decoding the mysteries of our universe.

The Roswell UFO incident

The infamous Roswell incident occurred on 07 July 1947. An unknown object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico which caused a massive stir in the news. Accounts of the crash tell of a flying saucer, alien autopsies, and an enormous military cover up. Though the official word from the US government stated the object was merely a weather balloon, some conspiracy theorists are convinced the object which crashed was an alien spaceship.

Area 51

Prior to the 1950s, Area 51 (formerly known as Groom Lake) was just an ordinary place that could be freely visited by anyone. Now however it is an isolated stretch of land in southwestern Nevada which is part of a complex surrounding an airfield base. The primary purpose of this base is to create and maintain advanced experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

The conspiracy rumour mill indicates that the Area 51 has been experimenting on and concealing the existence of extraterrestrial bodies. This includes their technology which was allegedly scavenged from 1947 Roswell UFO incident. In fact, Area 51 is the focus of books, films, and television shows which attempt to provide evidence that aliens exist. It was even featured on a 2-hour television broadcast of FOX TV in 1988 entitled “UFO Cover-up Live”. This episode states the belief that Area 51 exists to cover up the evidence of extraterrestrial existence.

Area 51 speculations increased further in 1989 with the appearance of Bob Lazar on the scene. He claims to have worked at a site near Area 51, with his primary job as reverse engineering alien technology.

Modern photos of Area 51 show that the site has expanded its military facility enough to resemble a small city with numerous structures surrounding it. Current estimates indicate that there are 1800 to 2200 employees working inside this facility. This provides some evidence that Area 51 may be working in conjunction with Nevada National Security sites to develop anti-terrorist weapons.

Are alien autopsy videos a hoax, then?

Alien autopsy videos surface in the media from time to time. They depict the alleged autopsy of an alien or extraterrestrial body recovered from a UFO crash site. These short films are commonly considered to be faked by hobbyists or alien aficionados, but are they really? You decide.

How to determine if you have been abducted by aliens

Are aliens real? Evidence suggests that aliens seem to visit Earth regularly, based on the reports of the individuals who encounter these aliens. Signs of a possible alien abduction can include:

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