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Are faeries real?

Are faeries real? Faeries are non-human beings possessing powers of enchantment. Contrary to popular belief, not all faeries are tiny, cute, and winged. A typical faery is roughly human-size with large dark eyes and translucent skin -- much like our modern day image of alien visitors from other planets.

By grace of being human-sized, relationships between human and faeries are possible. We see this in tales of the Faery Wife who once had an independent life until the day when a human male captures a vital part of herself (her cap, her animal hide, etc.). So long as he has that part, she must remain with him as his wife and bear his children. Once she discovers the location of that part, she is liberated, and once again free to leave and return to her old life, leaving behind the man and her children.

Another version of this legend is that the faery wife will stay with him so long as he does not do a particular thing she asks (usually strike her). Inevitably, he will perform that very act, causing her to leave.

24 June is International Faery Day

Faeries are fickle creatures, so it is always a good idea to keep on the proper side of them. While most are not generally malicious, they are capable of causing mischief around the house and garden such as overturning things, breaking plates, spilling things, or scattering flour and sugar everywhere! Of course, any faery that is badly treated by a human will return the treatment.

Few humans can see faeries, though at times one might catch a fleeting glimpse or hear unearthly bells or laughter. There are also changelings who would appear in human households at regular intervals. Faeries are said to be eager to steal away human children and leave a changeling in the child's place. There are three known types of changelings:

Nature faeries

Flower faeries

flower faeries Flower faeries are what most humans will think of as "faeries". They are small, winged, and delicate, and each is associated with a particular flower. Flower faeries are responsible for various tasks for their flowers such as ensuring the health of roots and leaves, or helping a scented plant emit its special fragrance. If an area is neglected or filled with litter and other negative things, the faery will become too ill to be able to look after its flower. If you care for your garden, you may well find that a flower faery has used its magick to make its flower bloom beautifully by way of a thank you!

Tree spirits

Tree spirits reside within the heart of each tree. Different types of trees will have different types of spirits, and each have a particular form of wisdom to impart. These spirits are very wise beings, particularly if you come across an old tree spirit who has absorbed much wisdom and magick in its lifetime. Tree spirits will watch over your garden and home, protecting all within.


Elementals are the faeries of the elements, ruling over the weather, the temperature, the seasons, and the natural essences of life.

Fire Elementals are the class of beings that represent the magickal element of Fire. They take the form of small lizards called salamanders who inhabit fires.

Air Elementals are the class of beings that represent the magickal element of Air. They take the form of winged beings called sylphs.

Earth Elementals are the class of beings that represent the magickal element of Earth. They take the form of small greyish folk called gnomes. Gnomes who wander into the human world tend to take responsibility for garden maintenance.

Water Elementals are the class of beings that represent the magickal element of Water. They take the form of nymphs who inhabit a particular body of water:

Befriending faeries

You can become a part of the faery world by earning their trust:

faery offerings

Maintain a happy relationship with the faery folk by:

Further reading

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to summon the faery To Summon the Faery by Katlyn (Mermade Magickal Arts, 1989): This is a small chapbook. The focus is on British faery lore, with suggestions for ways to see faeries, summoning the faery folk, and protecting oneself against mischievous faeries such as pixies.

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