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Candle magick, folklore, and spell ideas

candle magick
Candle magick is a fire-based magick. It is just the thing if you prefer quick and easy spells rather than long convoluted rituals.

This form of fire magick has existed since antiquity. Historically, those who wield magick had to make do with what was available for use. A candle used to light a dark room can be used for a spell with very little modification. Wax is easy to shape when heat is applied, so that candle can be re-formed into any needed shape. Any unmelted wax can also be reused to make other candles.

Create a fire altar

To create a fire altar, start with a heavy metal table, then drape it with a red or flame patterned cloth.

Fire tools

candle magick

Candle colours

How to use colours in candle magick

Candle shapes for candle spells

How to perform a basic candle spell

Many simple spells can be performed with just a candle, a small knife, matches, and perhaps some essential oils or herbs.

To perform a candle spell, find a candle that is appropriate to your needs, then inscribe the candle with sigils that are suitable to the task at hand.

Lightly anoint the candle with an essential oil (toward the wick to draw energy, or away from the wick to banish energy). Light the candle, and leave it lit until it burns out. Do not, however, leave it unattended.

Come to Me love spell

come to me spell Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? Can't stand the thought of posting yet another personal ad and hoping for the best? Help love find you with this easy candle spell.



Place the photo of yourself before the candle with the pendant atop it.

Each night, anoint the candle with one drop of rose oil. Light the candle for nine minutes exactly, and chant the following:

In the name of Venus, I am ready for love. Come to me.

Repeat each night for nine nights during a waxing moon to charge the pendant. Once complete, wear the pendant prominently. Love will find you.

Light My Fire love spell

light my fire spell Tired of the same old, same old? Ready for a new love in your life? Need your passion rekindled after a long dry spell between relationships?

Don't mope around the house complaining about your lack of love. Kindle a new love in your life with this easy candle spell.



Place the cauldron atop the heat-proof pad. Light the candle and place it in the cauldron.

Take the red marker and use it to draw a heart on the photo of yourself.

Carefully hold the edge of the photo in the candle’s flame until it lights. Drop the photo into the cauldron. While it is burning down, focus on drawing love to yourself.

Get Your Ex Back love spell

get your ex back spell Did you let your true love get away? Can’t stop thinking about that special someone who dumped you? Get them back with this easy candle spell.

This spell will take one complete lunar cycle to complete, but if you truly miss the person that much, it’s oh so worth it when it works.



Arrange the candles in this manner: to the left, one pillar candle plus photo of your ex; to the right, one pillar candle plus photo of yourself; in the center, the votive candle plus photo of both of you.

Each evening for one lunar cycle (one month), anoint each pillar candle with one drop of cinnamon oil. Light each candle, then move them (a bit each day) more toward the votive candle in the center while chanting:

Return to me, return to me.

On the last day of the spell, the pillar candles should be touching the votive candle. After lighting them, tip them simultaneously to the votive to light its wick. This will re-kindle the flame with your ex. The spell is complete.

Freeze your ex spell

freeze your ex spell
There is no reason to reminisce about someone who has long since left you for someone else. Once you are ready to move on from the past, hex your ex out of your life with this easy candle spell.



Place the black candle in front of the container of water. Light the red candle. Transfer the flame from the red candle to the black one, then extinguish the red candle’s flame in the water.

With the black marker, write your ex’s name on the paper. Place the paper into the container of water.

Put the container into your freezer, saying:

With this, I freeze your power in my life. You are banished from my love.

Leave the container there until you no longer desire your ex. At that time, dispose of the block of ice without thawing it, then cleanse the container.

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