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Cat magick, folklore, and spell ideas


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Cat magick is the practice of magick which is centered on one's cat or cats. The cats act as a focus for spells and charms, and cat owners find that their cats often participate in the spell-casting process. This form of magick is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt as part of the worship of the cat-headed Goddess Bast, continuing into modern times by those who wish to work magick with their cats.

A brief history of the sacred cat

Early cat-worship:

eye of horus It was in Egypt, the most intelligent civilization of antiquity, that the cat first became sacred. Cats were considered to be the holy animal of Bast the cat-headed Goddess. In later years the utchat ('eye of Horus') was associated with cats in both tomb carvings and paintings. In fact, this led to cat-like features being the ideal of beauty in that area of the world. Women outlined their eyes with a black pigment called 'kohl' to appear more cat-like.

Hundreds of cats lived on the temple grounds of Bubastis ('House of Bast'). A massive necropolis consisting of mummified cats was even discovered on the temple grounds. Not only were cats considered members of the family. Egyptian families had their cats mummified and entombed at the temple with due mourning. The accidental death of a cat was grounds for execution of the culprit.

Cat worship spreads across the land:

The cat was brought to Mediterranean countries and beyond by Phoenician traders who sought their fortune selling rare black cats. These cats eventually interbred with local forest cats to produce many of the cat colour variations seen today. Traveling Egyptians developed a habit of returning with any cats encountered during their travels.

The Dark Age of cat-kind:

Things continued in this manner until the Middle Ages. At that time, the Christian church decided that cats were inherently evil, casting them as evil spirits associated with witches as familiars. Any elderly woman living alone with her cat was under suspicion of being a witch. If the suspected witch could not pass the trials inflicted on her, she was sentenced to death along with her cat. The deaths of so many cats allowed the rat population of Europe to increase at an alarming rate. Many plagues spread through the known world as a result.

The Modern Age:

Eventually the world settled back into normalcy with the cat at the apex of creation. All was at peace again. Inside every person owned by a cat is someone who still thinks cats are sacred.

Cat Gods around the world

A cat protection charm

As you probably know, it is unwise to let your cat roam free outside. Use this simple protection charm to ensure than your cat will be returned to you if it should get out accidentally.

You need: a cat collar, ink and parchment, scissors, needle and thread, pet ID tag, and a small pendant or crystal.

Start off by having the tag engraved with your cat's name and address. Attach the tag to the collar. Charge the pendant with your energy of intent to protect the cat. Attach the pendant to the collar. Finally, cut a small strip of parchment. Write the charm on the parchment ('guard well the wearer of this collar' or similar). Cut a small hole in the collar lining. Fold the parchment to fit, insert the folded strip, then sew the hole closed. Fasten the collar on your cat, explaining that is for their own protection.

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