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Ghost hunting equipment for paranormal investigation

ghost hunting equipment Interested in ghost hunting?

Whether you are new to the world of the paranormal or have been an avid researcher for years, there is no wrong time to begin actively searching for ghosts. Everyone has to start somewhere in this hobby, so get your gear together and go research the sites of alleged hauntings in your area.

But what equipment is recommended for first-time ghost hunters? How does one get started?

Ghost hunting: the basics

The basics of ghost hunting and paranormal investigation include going to a place were there may have been sightings of ghosts and/or other occurrences of things which are out of the ordinary. Popular places for investigations are graveyards, churches, schools and older buildings. Places such as hospitals, prisons, and mental health facilities are usually full of strange happenings just because of the nature of the places themselves.

Ghost hunters record their data by making observations using electronic equipment such as EMF meters, digital thermometers, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld video cameras, digital audio recorders, and computers.

Organized teams of ghost hunters are also called paranormal investigation teams. Investigators will conduct interviews with any inhabitants of the location. The results of the interviews can be used to provide evidence to prove or disprove the haunting.

Once it is established that a haunting exists, the investigators will also try to assist the site's owners with the haunting. If requested, they can help any spirits move on to the other world. The investigators can provide the assistance directly or put the owners in contact with experienced groups or individuals who can attempt to resolve the situation.

Your first ghost hunt

If this is your first outing, it is best to go with a group of people, including a guide from the local paranormal research group. Your guide will know of local sites that manifest paranormal activity, and will be able to lead you through the area safely. Do not stray from the group. Always go around in at least pairs in an unfamiliar area so no one gets lost or injured.

Tip: If possible, I recommend visiting the site during daylight hours so you can get baseline readings. It is also a very good idea to look around for any possible dangers in the area of which you should be aware.

Once at the site for your ghost hunt, find a safe base site to set up your equipment. Once you are set up, begin recording to see what you can find!

Equipment to bring on a ghost hunt

While there isn't a set list, in this modern age many like to bring along a variety of technological devices intended to prove the existence of paranormal activity. These devices can record information about the area such as temperature and EMF, and might just detect something out of the ordinary.

how to detect a ghost

For serious ghost-hunters

If you decide to make ghost-hunting into a serious hobby, you can of course expand your equipment repertoire with high-end electronics. A thermal imaging camera is the perfect tool to show on-screen that there are hot or cold spots in a particular area, for example, but as it is rather expensive it is not a must-have piece of equipment for beginners. The same goes for a lot of common radiation measurement tools (if that is a concern) or even anything more than basic audio/video equipment.

One further thing you might want to bring on your outings that you probably already have would be a tablet or laptop. This would be useful in jotting down any observations you may make during the outing, and with the right apps you can have GPS at your fingertips to prevent getting lost in the woods.

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