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Our Lady of Guadalupe -- la Virgen Morena

our lady of guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most famous saint in Mexico. She is in fact the patron saint of Mexico. Her venerated image is enshrined in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, and the image was granted a Canonical Coronation by Pope Leo XIII on 12 October 1895. This basilica is the most visited pilgrimage shrine in the world.

She first appeared Hill of Tepeyac in what is now Mexico City on 09 December 1531 to the peasant Juan Diego. This hill was formerly the site of a temple the Goddess Tonantzin ("Our Mother") which had been destroyed by the invading Spaniards. She asked that the shrine be rebuilt on that site to honour her, which it was. As proof of her identity, she caused an image of Castilian roses (not native to Mexico) to appear in the cloak of Juan Diego.

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is 12 December.

Origins of Our Lady of Guadalupe

our lady of guadalupe Like many Hispanic folk saints, she is the result of a syncretism between the native folk religions of what is now Mexico and the arrival of the Spanish Catholics with their European-style worship. She is depicted as having brown skin, and first appeared on the former site of the temple of the Goddess Tonantzin ("Our Mother"), whose feast day is 12 December.

Despite the Spanish conquest, these beliefs were not eradicated but rather fused with the newer Catholic worship. The new worship of Our Lady of Guadalupe fused almost seamlessly with the older worship of Tonantzin.

The popular image of her is based on the image which appeared on Juan Diego's cloak.

Attributes of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe novena

Say a novena to her, and she will hear your prayer:

Most Holy Lady of Guadalupe, intercede for me. I entreat you to grant my request. Protect and guide me in my hour of need. Keep my faith strong in your service, and fill my humble house with your blessings. In your name and the Name of the Divine. Amen.

This novena should be repeated for nine consecutive days. Publish in your local newspaper once your prayer is answered.

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