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Is my doll haunted?


Is my doll haunted? How can you tell if your doll is haunted? "Haunted doll" may be a common search term on sites like eBay, but what does it mean in practical terms? Most people don't consider that a doll can even be haunted by a spirit since it is an inanimate object rather than a living being.

How can you tell if a doll is actually haunted -- or if it is just really, really creepy?

Types of haunted dolls

Haunted dolls seem to fall into one of three types:

Signs that a doll is haunted

Note: It is not difficult to tell if a doll is haunted. Look over this checklist to determine if haunting is a possible explanation.

Does something seem strange about the doll?

A well-made doll can have a lot of personality, but there should be limits to the amount of liveliness. If the doll crosses the "uncanny valley" by seeming too animate, that might be cause for a concern of haunting.

You should likewise be concerned if the doll is suddenly being referenced with a name and a personality, as in "Jane wants you to leave".

Do others get uneasy around the doll?

A plea not to be left alone with the doll can be an indication of an issue.

Things tend to happen when the doll is around

If strange phenomenon seem to occur every time the doll is present (objects moving, strange lights, etc), the doll may be haunted.

How to sell a haunted doll

What to do when your doll is haunted

If you determine that a doll is haunted, you may decide the best option is to sell it. What info should be given to potential buyers?

Buying a haunted doll

There is a heavy responsibility in acquiring a doll reputed to be haunted. Are you willing to do what is necessary to prevent others from being harmed by a haunted doll? Can you bind or otherwise contain the doll if things get out of hand?

Warning: Some delight in collecting numerous haunted dolls while assuming none of the burden of responsibility for them. This is both careless and selfish. Don't be that person.

Films featuring haunted or possessed dolls

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