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Is my house haunted?


Is my house haunted? How can you tell if your house is haunted? While many of us are familiar with famous hauntings such as the Lizzie Borden House, the Tower of London, and the Borley Rectory, we do not often consider than a normal urban or suburban house might also be haunted until something happens to arouse our suspicions.

If you have had what can be termed "a paranormal experience" in your home, use the checklist below to help determine if you have a haunting on your hands.

Signs of a possible haunting

Note: While each of these signs on their own might be attributed to natural phenomenon or even an overactive imagination, when taken all together they might just indicate that your home has otherworldly occupants. If you suspect a haunting, the first step should always be to look for an obvious cause to the issue. Possible explanations for each sign are also included below.

Unexplained noises

Banging, whispering, creaks and groans can all be attributed to the paranormal -- or it might just be the sounds of your house settling. This is especially common in newer residences when the house hasn't had enough time to settle into the site properly.

Strange animal behaviour

Do your pets stare at a particular spot? Are they frightened of something that only they can see? Do they refuse to enter a room? Your pets can sense those things which we cannot see. If they act in an uncharacteristic manner, do investigate further to see what might turn up.

The feeling of being watched

Are you experiencing feelings that you are not alone? Do you think that you are being watched but when you turn around, there is no one there? High EMF can cause this sensation, but that can be easily determined with an EMF meter. Explore all accessible parts of the house with the meter to check for unusual readings.

Dark shadows

Have you seen a shadow move from the corner of your eye, yet nothing is visible when you turn to look fully? Look for tree branches outside windows, oddly draped curtains, or flickering lights which cause unusual shadows.

Unusual electrical activity

Do lights turn themselves on and off? Does the television change channels on its own? Do any of your other electrical devices behave in unexpected ways? It is best to have your house checked out by a qualified electrician to ensure that there isn't a rational explanation. Older houses are particularly prone to wiring issues which may appear to be a haunting.

Doors opening and closing on their own

Have you seen a door open on its own when you have closed it firmly? Did that door really slam shut unassisted? This is common in older houses where the floors are no longer level and doors are no longer squarely in their frames. It would also be a good idea to check for drafts which may affect the internal air pressure in the house, causing doors to move on their own.

Help, my house is haunted!

What to do if you suspect a genuine haunting

If you cannot find a rational explanation for the phenomena in your home, you may have yourself a true haunting. The first step then is to confirm the presence of a spirit if possible.

One way of to discover whether your home might be haunted is to read up the history of the house. Consult the local library and historical society for any information they may provide about the area. Are there hidden burial grounds nearby? Has anyone died in this house or even on this property? The soul of someone who died nearby would want to remain in familiar surroundings and might still remain to haunt the area.

When you are ready, contact a local psychic, medium, or other paranormal investigator to arrange an appointment in your home. Give them as much information as possible about your observations and any research you have done. They will be able to determine if your house is indeed haunted. Once the haunting is confirmed, you can then decide what to do about it.

Harmless ghosts

Many ghosts such as repeaters are harmless toward humans, and should be left alone. If the ghost is intelligent, friendly, and capable of communicating with you, you may choose to help it move on to the next world as peacefully as possible. Alternately, you might decide to give it house-room if you think you can co-exist with it.

Evil spirits

An evil spirit can be identified by a malevolent aura and harmful actions toward those who enter what it perceives to be its "space". Such ghosts will need to be forcibly removed from the premises. Do not allow it to remain because it can and will harm you and your family eventually.

Tip: I recommend consulting with a priest fluent in Latin to request assistance -- a Catholic priest would be best in this case. Most evil spirits cannot abide Latin. Your home will need to be cleansed and blessed once the spirit has been removed.

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