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Is my pet haunted?


Is my pet haunted? How can you tell if your pet is haunted? People often search for 'pet ghosts' after a possible ghost animal is spotted nearby, whereas we do not often consider than a normal pet might be haunted until something happens to arouse our suspicions.

If you have had what can be termed "a paranormal experience" involving your pet, use the checklist below to help determine if you have a haunting on your hands. Is it even possible that your pet can be haunted by a spirit?

Signs of a haunted pet

Note: It is not difficult to tell if a pet is haunted. Look over this checklist to determine if haunting is a possible explanation.

Is my pet haunted? A strange light in your pet's eyes

Cats' eyes in particular can be quite reflective, but if your pet's eyes are reflecting heavily under even low-light conditions, your pet may be haunted. A related phenomenon would be glowing an unusual or unnatural colour.

Do others get uneasy around your pet?

A plea not to be left alone with your pet can be an indication of an issue.

Things tend to happen when your pet is around

If strange phenomena seem to occur every time your pet is present (objects moving, strange lights, etc), your pet may be haunted.

Haunted pet or animal haunting?

In my experience, it is not at all uncommon for animal ghosts to appear. How does one identify an animal haunting? How is it different from a normal haunting?

Apparition shape

The shape of the apparition can help you to determine the nature of the apparition. A human-shaped apparition will probably be the ghost of a human, whereas an animal-shaped apparition is likely the ghost of an animal.

Strange lights or shadows in a location

Have you seen an animal-shaped shadow move from the corner of your eye, yet nothing is visible when you turn to look fully? Or at the other extreme -- gossamer white shapes moving around? Look for tree branches outside windows, oddly draped curtains, or flickering lights which cause unusual shadows.

Pets making sounds at an empty area

Pets are often more sensitive to spiritual energies than humans are. They can easily sense things we cannot. If your cat miaows at something you can't see, if your dog barks at nothing, you might have a haunting, but how do you know it is an animal ghost? I find there is often more of a reaction to other animals in general, and this carries over into reactions to ghost animals.

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