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Herbal magick, folklore, and spell ideas

herbal magick
Herbal magick is an earth-based magick. It is sometimes called 'green witchcraft' or 'kitchen witchcraft'. Those who practice herbal magick (termed 'kitchen witches') focus on herbalism, healing, practical magicks, and Earth-centered spirituality. If you do not have a green thumb, this is probably not a magickal practice you will enjoy as many herbal magick practitioners delight in growing all their own plants to ensure that their plants are organic and free of chemicals.

Many kitchen witches are solitary, as they find no reason for a more formalized ritual structure in their practical and down to earth view. Herbal magick is just the thing if you prefer quick and easy spells rather than long convoluted rituals.

Create an herbal altar

To create an herbal altar, start with a wooden table, then drape it with a green or brown cloth. If you are short on space, set up a sacred space in a kitchen cupboard.

Herbal magick tools

herbal magick

How to dry herbs



Arrange the plants in groups of three or four (depending on how many you have).

Place the rack in a cool, dry place away from the sun until the herbs dry completely (a few weeks or so, depending on the herbs).

Herbal preparations

Herbs have been used for centuries in healing medicine. Such lore was often passed down within a family, and expanded as people moved into new lands. Herbs once needed to be gathered by hand each season. We are fortunate in this modern age to be able to go to a health food or grocery store and simply buy herbs as needed.

A herbal medicine can come in many forms:

Note: Before attempting any traditional herbal healing methods, keep the following in mind:

Apple of My Eye love potion

apple of my eye love potion
If you have your eye on a special someone and are looking for a simple way to catch their eye, invite them over for a drink infused with this special love potion.

A drop or two is all it takes. This potion works best if your intentions are pure.



Add basil leaves, dried rose petals, powdered apple peel and sea salt to the glass of water.

Hold the glass between the palms of both hands and focus on the one you love. Visualize waves of your love energy flowing into the glass, charging it with your passion.

Store the potion in a tightly sealed bottle until ready to use. Including a few drops when preparing food or beverages for your intended.

Cherry Rose love potion

cherry rose love potion
Cherry and rose are a natural combination for a love potion. A sweet red potion can inspire thoughts of love in your intended, especially when you are the one mixing it up. At that point it's easy to infuse the potion with all your intentions toward that special someone.

Serve with two straws to bring the two of you closer together.


  • 2 cups cherry juice
  • 5 red rose petals
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • 2 pinches of sugar
  • Instructions

    Stir the cinnamon and sugar into the cherry juice. Top with the rose petals, then serve to your intended.

    Hot Cocoa love potion

    hot cocoa love potion
    Want to heat up a frosty evening? Try this special blend love potion to spread some warmth to both parties. Cinnamon is particularly well known for its warming properties.

    This love potion is best for cold winter nights, and would be especially potent for a chilly evening date on Valentine’s Day.



    Top a cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon and sugar to brew up a sweet relationship.

    Since nothing would damp down a prospective romance faster than a cup of cold cocoa, serve to your intended while hot.

    Intoxication love potion

    intoxication love potion
    A truly potent love potion using elecampane, one of the ingredients in Absinthe. As you may know, a glass of Absinthe helps you to see things as you wish they were.

    If you are aiming for the “lust” side of love, this potion would be an excellent choice for your purposes.



    Mix all ingredients together, stirring in a clockwise motion.

    Store the mixture in a small, tightly closed bag and carry it under your left arm during the day. That night, place the bag in a cup of boiling water and let it steep until the water cools. After the water cools, place the mixture in a small vial and seal tightly.

    Place 3 drops of potion in any beverage and serve it to your intended.

    Rosy Friday love potion

    rosy friday love potion
    Friday is the day of Venus, the classical Goddess of Love. Add some extra “oomph” to your love potion’s potency by brewing this special potion on the Friday before Valentine’s Day to invoke the blessings of Venus on your relationship.

    A little planning ahead can bring you extra luck in love!



    Brew on a Friday before Valentine’s Day. Boil the water, then steep all the dry ingredients. Add the vanilla extract once steeped.

    Store until needed.

    Share Your Love love potion

    share your love potion
    Share and share alike, as the saying goes.

    Sharing is the key to this love potion’s effectiveness. Are you willing to give your all in this relationship? Are you looking for someone of like mind with whom to share your life?

    Share your love with the one you love by using this potion.



    Split any beverage into two glasses – one for you and one for your lover. As he or she drinks from the glass, say to yourself:

    All mine for you.

    As you drink from your glass, say to yourself:

    All yours for me.

    Strawberry Honey love potion

    strawberry honey love potion
    Sometimes you already have your love target in sight. A little nudge is all that is needed to seal the deal with that all-important first date. A bit of added sweetness can easily turn their innermost thoughts and daydreams toward you. It doesn't take much to get things started once the suggestion is in place.

    Sweeten the disposition of your intended with this easy love potion!



    Blend the frozen berries, milk, cinnamon, and honey together. Pour into a large glass. Garnish with the fresh berry and serve to your intended with all your love.

    Tropical Sunset love potion

    tropical sunset love potion
    Nothing says “romance” like the image of the beach at sunset. Warm sand, a vivid sunset, and tropical flowers are the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

    Evoke the warmth of the tropics with this essential oil based potion.



    Dab this special love potion on your pulse points to intoxicate your would-be sweetheart.

    Love Potion #9

    love potion no. 9
    Utilize the Power of Nine to bring love to your life. Nine is a double lucky number: Three times Three.

    This spell works best if you cast it on the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year -- September 9th at 9 am.



    Combine all ingredients in a saucepan, stirring until well-blended. Cool, then strain out any large chunks of strawberry mash. Bless your potion in the name of your favourite Goddess of Love.

    Pour into a clean container and store until needed.

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci love potion

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci love potion
    For those content to have a one-night stand rather than a long-term relationship, this potion can catch and captivate a partner for you to love and leave with no strings attached.

    Note: This is risky behavior, especially with all the sexually transmitted diseases going around. I really don't recommend choosing this route of your own free will.



    Fill a small phial with the jojoba oil, then add the essential oils. To use, dab on your pulse points when your target is in sight.

    Store the potion in its phial until needed.

    A Love Charm for Faithfulness

    A Charm for Faithfulness
    Worried that your lover is straying? Are you concerned that someone new may have caught his or her interest?

    Don't stay up all night worrying about it. Keep the person close and revive their interest in you with this simple charm.



    Place all the charm components into a small dark red charm bag. Keep the bag under your lover's side of the bed. He or she will return to their proper place in your life.

    Wash Your Ex Right Out of Your Hair potion

    Wash Your Ex Right Out of Your Hair potion
    If some time has passed and you are still having longing thoughts, it's time rinse out those residual thoughts and prepare for a new love with this simple love hex potion.



    Fill a small phial with the jojoba oil, then add the essential oils. To use, at bath time pour your usual shampoo into your hand, then add a few drops of the essential oil mixture. Repeat during each bath for five days. (Mix up more of the potion if necessary.)

    Store the potion in its phial until needed.

    Merry Kitschmas