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Hexes, curses, ill-wishing, and the Evil Eye

the power of negative magick
Do you suspect yourself to be the victim of a curse or hex? Are you under the spell of the Evil Eye? Have you fallen foul of black magick? Did someone ill-wish for something to happen to you? Do you think someone is out to get you -- or is someone fighting back as a result of something you have done to them?

Those who are psychically aware may notice that they are being attacked by others who wish them harm. The sooner such things are noticed, the sooner it can be addressed.

Read on to learn more about the nature of negative magick.

What are curses and hexes?

A curse or hex is an ill-wish placed upon a victim. This hex can be a simple statement without any forethought (i.e. wishing someone was dead), or it can be activated with a deliberate spell or ritual. Since spells and rituals tend to require more forethought and planning, most hexes are the result of pure impulse.

What is the Evil Eye?

When an individual casts the Evil Eye on you, it is generally the result of envy. Some people cannot bear to see others with good fortune. Thus, the Evil Eye may be cast on those who are more fortunate. This envelops the recipient in a mire of negative energy.

Once the Evil Eye has been cast, anything that can go wrong in your life will go wrong. Nothing you do or say has good consequences. Ill fortune follows you everywhere.

The effectiveness of negative magick

the evil eye is watching you Negative magicks such as curses, hexes, and the Evil Eye work because the victim believes him- or herself to be afflicted. Everything that happens -- random or not -- becomes a sign that this hex is working at full force. If all the evidence can be read to support a belief in this curse, that individual's belief makes it so.

The primary motive for believing in the power of a hex is fear. If you feel like a victim, you will become a victim. If you are paranoid about someone being out to get you, someone will be out to get you -- or so it might appear.

Negative magick only has as much power as you give it. You have the power to dispel any dark energies which have befallen you.

The necessity of negative magick

It has been said that 'a Witch who can't curse, can't cure.' In order to understand how to repair damage, it's important to understand what caused the damage in the first place. If one does not know how a poison works, how can one devise a suitable antidote for it? It's not a skill to practice lightly, but one should be aware of how curses are done and why they work.

Is it a necessary evil? Yes. Too many Pagans avoid darkness like the plague. "Oh, you can't wear a black robe -- black doesn't exist in nature," they might say, or "Stop being negative; be positive -- it's not good for you to be depressed!" They make a brief nod toward darkness at Samhain, and ignore it for the rest of the year. These 'white-light' Pagans seem to think that waving a crystal and thinking happy rainbow thoughts will make it all better. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

This recent trend toward 'white-light' happiness has become the norm in recent years as Pagans step away from years of tradition to ignore the cycles of life. They fail to see that winter exists for a reason. They have not learned that death is part of the cycle of life, and that if nothing ever died, the world would be vastly overpopulated.

Like the moon and the seasons, life waxes and wanes. Unless one can accept the necessity of darkness into one's life, one denies an important lesson -- that life mirrors the ebb and flow of the tides; there is a time to live and a time to die. Death is, after all, not the end of everything. It is merely a change, a transformation into a new life. Once one realizes this and embraces this darkness, one can become a complete human being -- both yin and yang, in perfect balance.

This means that sometimes an individual has to do something that isn't all kittens and rainbows. Sometimes we have to get our hands dirty because someone is harming us, our families, our communities. Before tossing off a casual curse, consider whether the circumstances warrant it. Just because a person is annoying is no reason to curse them; if that were the case, virtually everyone would be under a curse! On the other hand, serial burglaries, rapists, murders, and other evil-doers can and should be stopped by any means necessary.

Warning: Keep in mind that that a single curse will start a chain of events that will eventually come back to you. You will have to deal with its effects sooner or later.

What to do if you think you have been cursed

Curses become a self-fulfilling prophesy. If someone curses another but fails to tell that person about it, much of the power of the curse is lost. While it is true that hexes can work without a person's knowledge, they are more effective if the target is aware of the curse and can perceive the energies directed at them.

If you think you have been cursed, you probably are. Ridding yourself of a curse may take some time, so start with the basics: protect yourself.


Shielding is a magickal technique used to mentally protect oneself against magickal assaults such as curses and hexes. Many people, especially those who are empathic, will do this unconsciously, but others must take time to learn to shield properly.

The basic technique is to simply expand your personal energy field (termed an 'aura') out enough to form a sphere around your body. This will heighten your perceptions of your surroundings.

Variants on a basic shield involve casting a glamour (where the word 'glamourous' originates). This is an illusion used to change one's appearance. While not as dramatic as shown in movies, it can make one appear older or younger, appear to have a different hair or eye colour, stand out from a crowd, or appear completely unremarkable and blend into one's surroundings. It is difficult to hex someone who blends in with the general crowd, for example. You can also create a glamour in the form of a mirror shield which can bounce magickal attacks back to the assailant.

Like other magickal techniques, all one must do is visualize and focus on the changes needed. It may take some practice, but shields are very easy to maintain once established and require little upkeep.

Fight fire with fire spell

Once your shield is in place, you will need to repel the attacker.

Light a small black candle in a votive holder, then chant:

I am free of your influence.
I am protected from you.
You have no power over me.
Leave me be!

Let the candle burn down in its holder rather than extinguish the flame yourself.

Note: If it is necessary to interact with the individual suspected of casting the hex, step lightly but firmly. They cannot harm you unless you allow it.


binding cord While it is considered unethical to hex someone outright, it is certainly permissible to protect oneself from harm. Simple charms can be placed near an entrance to ward off baneful influences. A popular charm for this task is to charge a gargoyle statue to deal with any ill intentions.

While outside the home, it is advisable to practice shielding yourslf. However, some prefer to deal with the attacker once and for all by binding them.

A binding is a protection spell that deflects negative energies and 'binds' them to their point of origin. This is the origin of the expression that 'someone is bound to do a task.' Bindings are most commonly used in the case of magickal attacks since the binding will prevent the attacker from doing further harm.

Note: Bear in mind that the act of binding binds the spell-caster to the attacker until such time as the spell is dispersed. This is not something most people are willing to undergo. Such a spell must be carefully considered before it is undertaken.

To perform a basic binding spell, get a length of cording, a piece of paper, and a pen. Write the name of the attacker on the paper, then roll the paper into a cylinder.

Wrap the cording around the paper cylinder, chanting:

I bind you to take back your hex. You are not permitted to intrude on my space. Begone!

Once this is complete, either burn the entire paper cylinder or bury the bound paper somewhere safe and let both paper and cording disintegrate.

A variant on this is a simple protective binding spell which can help give you peace of mind if you Live in a questionable area and want to protect your home.

Note: if you should catch an intruder, it is entirely up to you about ever unbinding them. You can choose to leave the binding spell intact forever.

For this spell you will need a black candle, a bowl of sea salt water, a smudge stick, and a length of hemp rope for each window or door in your house.

Light the candle and focus on banishing evil influences.

Each in turn, beginning with the smudge stick, go around the house and mark each entrance into the house such as doors and windows. Wave the smudge stick and candle in front of the entrance, then mark the salt water across the threshold. Recite these words:

May greeted friends be welcome here.
People unknown should have fear.
Those who without welcome cross this door
Shall writhe in pain forevermore.

To activate the spell, take one length of rope and tie five knots in it to represent a person’s limbs and head. Place it across the window ledge or door threshold. Repeat for each entrance. If someone breaks in, one or more of the knots on the rope will be disturbed, and the person will be bound in pain until the knots are untied. If you do not wish to untie the knots, deeply bury the rope in a secluded area. The rope will rot without becoming untied, binding the person forever.

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