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magick happens
What is magick? Magick is the act of change as a result of Will (aka focused intent). It is not what some term 'supernatural' because anyone with sufficient Will (i.e. most people) can do magick. If you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. There are many types of magick, such as prayer and chanting, that people do every day, and they do work. It is simply a matter of intent and focus. Magick can be performed by anyone once you focus sufficiently.

Despite centuries of hype about 'black magick' and 'white magick,' there really are no such things. Magick itself is a tool, and it is neutral. Like a fire or knife, it can be used for many things by many people. That same fire that can cook supper could easily burn down the house if one does not pay attention or uses it incorrectly.

Spells vs Rituals

A spell is an act of magick with minimal words, tools, and actions. When designing a spell, keep in mind the three basics of spellcrafting: need, visualization, and Will. Only perform spells for things you actually need, not just for things you want, like a lot of money or a new love. Do not waste time or energy doing spells on a whim. Once you have defined your need, visualize how best to achieve this need in as much detail as possible. Then, focus your Will into the spell.

A ritual is an act of magick with formalized words, tools, and actions, usually written out beforehand. One type of ritual is similar in nature to a spell, but more formalized, and can be designed under those guidelines. The other type of ritual is used as an act of worship or necessity (such as a handfasting, burial, or seasonal rite). Once written, the latter are often performed as needed.

Writing spells and rituals

It is generally best to write one's own spells and rituals instead of just copying them from books. Done this way, they will be exactly as you want it, with your own intents. This will give it a little extra potency. Also, remember that very few spells fail completely. There is an old saying to 'be careful what you wish for -- you may just get it.' Often, things do not quite have the results planned, so think carefully before doing anything.

On the misuse of magick: when something goes amiss

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