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The dangers of using a Ouija board

Ouija boards A Ouija board is defined as a game board. Such boards are frequently used as entertainment at parties under the guise of seeing used in a mock séance. Commercially produced Ouija boards are sold by toy companies to be used by children. In some areas, this is considered a common party game, especially around Halloween.

However, there have been anecdotal tales of bad experiences with Ouija boards. Individuals have reported that somehow they invited ghosts and spirits into their home as a result of using a Ouija board, and now they have a haunting on their hands.

What is a Ouija board?

First developed during the Spiritualist movement of the late 1800s, Ouija board (pronounced: wee-jah or wee-jee) has its origins in the French word for "yes". Ouija boards are considered spirit boards because they essentially function as a means of connecting to the world of spirits.

Traditionally, Ouija boards are flat boards made of wood. Each board includes a planchette or pointer, a small device with three short legs attached to a flat disk with a hole in the top. This device is made of wood used to spell out spirit communications. The board has a variety of magickal symbols, all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers between 1 and 10, and the words "Yes", "No", and "Goodbye". Today, these boards are made of cardboard with a plastic planchette.

Some other names used for a Ouija board include:

How to use a Ouija board

Ouija board To use a Ouija board, begin by setting up the board. Place a violet candle to each side of the board and sprinkle blessed salt on the board itself to ward off harmful entities.

Once the board is set up, place the planchette in the middle of the board. Two or more of the participants in a séance place one or two fingers on the planchette. One person at the table acts as the medium to ask questions of the spirit(s) which they are attempting to contact. The medium should have an assistant ready to receive any messages, writing down all the letters as they appear.

If there is a spirit present, it will use the combined focused energy of the group to spell out messages using the symbols on the board. The planchette will move letter by letter until it spells out the desired message. It is not to be taken as fact that any entities contacted are more intelligent or truthful than humans. Sometimes the question warrants a "yes" or a "no" answer, in which case the planchette will move to one of the two words.

When the session is over, the planchette will move to "Goodbye".

Note: It is easy for a participant to mislead others by moving the pointer themselves.

Why are Ouija boards dangerous?

The biggest problem in my experience is that these boards are sold as a toy rather than a spirit communication device. Someone using the board as a fun toy rather than a serious spirit communication device can easily get in over his or her head if they do contact a spirit.

Before using a Ouija board for divination purposes, it should be said that this is not the most reliable method of divination. What this device appears to do is send out a beacon to attract the attention of any passing entity (often mischievous, sometimes malevolent). In reality, the average user of a Ouija board does not necessarily know what he or she might summon. It could be a departed relative, a random earthbound spirit, or some entity intent on malice. The act of using this board to summon someone with no limitations in place -- in essence, treating it as a toy -- makes it highly likely to attract unwanted attention.

Warning: Do not goof around with spirits and the spirit world unless you are prepared for what might happen.

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