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pagan webweaving tips
If you are new to the Pagan community, you might be interested in interacting with other Pagans. Are you looking for a group or teacher, or would you prefer to work on your own while interacting with the community as a whole? While it was once said that 'ye may not be a Witch alone,' the path of the solitary is becoming more common nowadays. While some are only solitary until finding a tradition that suits their beliefs, others are solitary by choice, opting to work alone out of preference rather than necessity. In this case, a solitary might choose to participate in discussion groups online rather than meet regularly with a small local group. Even new Pagans who choose to work magick alone may benefit from interacting online with others to gain a sense of community.


What is webweaving? Webweaving is the modern Craft term for networking. It includes participating in discussion forums, contributing to mailing lists and newsletters, and being listed at webweaving listings in hopes of receiving correspondence (email and letters).

Mailing lists:

A mailing list is an email newsletter for the distribution of information on a particular topic. Some mailing lists are one-way only, where the maintainer sends out information at intervals (very popular with organizations), while others are arranged for a multi-person discussion to which you too can contribute. It is not a good idea to sign up for every mailing list you come across, as many will result in you receiving hundreds of emails each day. Choose carefully to avoid being overwhelmed. If there is an option to only receive a 'digest' version, select that so you will only receive one email per day from the list.

Discussion forums:

A discussion forum is a web site for the discussion of information on a particular topic. There are quite a few discussion sites which preserve the discussions in a threaded format so many people can contribute when they have time.


Listings are essentially pagan personal ads detailing the person's name, email address, and magickal interests.

Webweaving etiquette

Always practice good netiquette:

Note: requests for 'lots of spells' or 'a copy of your grimoire' or 'all the information on Witchcraft you have' will most likely be ignored, particularly by those contacted via their web sites.

Safety tips for new Pagans

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