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How to use sound in magick

How to use sound in magick
In magick sounds can be used to both raise energy and sustain it a suitable level for magickal workings such as rituals or meditation. Ambient sounds can "clear the air" of negative energy, but it is also necessary to create a suitable magickal space with positive energy flow within the reaches of the sound.

For that purpose, the trick here is to find a sound that resonates with a particular individual. A magickal sound needs to be chosen carefully.

How to choose a sound

Since one person's racket is soothing to another person, the sounds chosen are deeply personal. Consider what sounds you find soothing, or what sounds will allow you to relax fully and deeply.

How to use sound in magick

Sound placement

How to use sound in magick Where to place your sound device? It depends on the type of sound you have chosen.

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