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What is spiritual energy?

What is spiritual energy? Spiritual energy is a vibrational frequency that exists within all things, both living beings and non-living objects such as rocks and water.

In humans and other living beings, this spiritual energy is considered to be our "life force", the will to live and persevere. Although it is present within the human body, it emanates beyond the limits of our skin. It is this energy which can be sensed by those termed "sensitives", and it is this same energy that leaves a residual trace on all things into which we come into contact.

The aura

Auras Auras are the physical manifestation of the electric energy field surrounding each and every living thing. That is what causes a shock when touching something metal.

Some individuals have the ability to see these auras, which have different colours depending on the person.

Aura colours

The chakras

chakras There are seven major energy centers (termed 'chakras') in the human body. In humans, the physical body and the spiritual body (the "soul" or "spirit") are connected through these energy centers.

Psychic energy can be sent up through these centers during meditation, relaxation, and healing techniques to restore the soul to its proper balance. The process of releasing spiritual energy through the chakras can release a force called 'Kundalini'. As this energy begins to flow within each individual, the chakras begin to open in successive order.

Chakra colours

Note: Any blockage in a chakra can lead to physical and mental disorders.

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