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What is clairsentience?

What is clairsentience? Clairsentience is the grouping of talents by which an individual can suddenly gain knowledge of the past (retrocognition), present, or future (precognition). Such talents are sometimes termed ESP (ExtraSensory Perception), but this is something of a misnomer.

Once a clairsentient talent manifests, the individual may choose to refer to him- or herself as a medium since they have become a "medium" by which otherworldly knowledge manifests.

Types of clairsentience

Individual mediums have different abilities. Each may possess one of more of the following talents considered "clairsentience":


'Far-sensing'. The direct communication of data between minds. This talent is very rare; those who possess it often become stronger through practice.


A dilute form of telepathy. The assumption of feelings or emotions from another mind or the environment. Those possessing this talent are termed "sensitives". This talent is usually uncontrolled. When it is done deliberately, it is often done with the intent to drain the emotions of others, effectively 'feeding' on them. Those who act in this manner are often termed 'psychic vampires'.

Tip: If you are around someone who is making you feel tired for no obvious reason, they are draining your energy. Try to get away from them.


The communication of information to or through a person (the channel or medium) from a spirit or other paranormal entity outside the mind (or self) of the medium. Channelling is part of the belief systems and rituals of many religions, such as Candomblé, Voudou, and related. Probably the best known example of a channel is the Oracle at Delphi, which was once a shrine to the Serpent Goddess Pythia.

A medium may use tarot cards, crystal balls, special stones or other objects to focus his or her psychic energy to connect to the world of the spirits. Some mediums even prefer to use meditation to connect to the other world in a trace-like state. Conscious voice channeling is one technique whereby the medium allows the spirit to speak to others using the medium's own voice.

As a medium, once contact is made with the desired entity, simply relax and allow your personality to be 'moved aside'. This will enable the entity to speak through you.

Tip: Oftentimes, the oracle does not remember what has been said, so if you plan to practice this technique, be certain that another person is with you to record the messages received.


'Mind-measuring'. The assumption of information from an object when that object is handled. Objects handled frequently by a particular person acquire a patina of residual energy which can be easily read by those sensitive to energy. This allows the medium to determine where an object has been, in whose possession it was last, etc.


'Clear-seeing'. The sudden reception of visual information which is not transferred from another mind. This gives a medium the ability to see images by picking up a thought and seeing the vision, sometimes called 'Second Sight' or 'the Sight'.


'Clear-hearing'. The sudden reception of audial information which is not transferred from another mind. A medium who receives information in this manner might ask whether others can hear that sound or voice.

Note: Others probably can't hear whatever the sound is. Hearing voices that others cannot perceive may make the medium appear to have a screw loose.

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